Falsifiability of Civgene.


V.3 9/3/16


Psychopath test suite: PTS - 1/21/15 consists of the Hare and the MRI word list test.

Oldest Evidence Of Civilization: OEOC - 1/21/15 Manmade structures or tools indicating permenant camps (ex:pottery 30,000 BC)

Success Of Civilizations: SOC - 1/21/15 Possible measures of a civilizations success - GDP, treasury size, landmass, population density, age

Empath - Not a psychopath.


Psychopathy is genenetic.

True - A large percentage of psychopaths using the modern PTS share an identical gene, not present in a majority percentage of a random sample.

False - A pair of identical or monozygotic twins demonstrates a split between one diagnosed psychopath by all elements of the PTS and one with no psychopath diagnosis via PTS elements.

Psychopathy predates empathy.

True - Empathy gene is proven True. Empathy gene is sampled from deceased homo sapiens in time increments of 1000 years. Occurrence drops to zero post Neanderthal. (note: a binary search should proceed to narrow down the date from there)

False - Empathy gene persists back more than 195,000 years ago.

Empathy gene is also the civilization gene. aka: civgene

True - Appearance is roughly corollary of OEOC or newer.

False - Appearance significantly predates OEOC.

Psychopaths breed faster than emapths in times of prosperity and peace.

True - Decreasing percentage of humans with the empathy gene corollary to one or more elements of a SOC increase over time

False - No statistical correlation between the empathy gene and any element of SOC.

Psychopath populations are damaged by a shrinking economy of scale. They are self limiting. (increasingly local societies resulting from economic collapse can no longer support them.)

True - Psychopaths demonstrate a drop in population corollary to one or more elements of SOC dropping. At least three average generations should be sampled.

False - No three generation correlation to any sudden drop in any SOC element. This should be sampled at the known end of civilizations to be conclusive.

Slavery promotes psychopaths. Psychopaths breed faster than humans with the empathy gene, or at the least survive the slavery more often than empaths.

True - Slave populations demonstrate faster average growth of the psychopath population than their host population.

False - Slave populations demonstrate the same or a slower growth rate of psychopaths as the host population. Cases including sex slavery would need to be excluded, as it could contaminate the control.